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SharePoint Design vs. SharePoint Design

Good Versus Evil - Obama vs Darth Vader

Over the last couple of weeks my phone has been rather busy. Something I have started to notice is either the poor understanding of recruitment consultants or the lack of differentiation between SharePoint Design (branding) and SharePoint Design (architecture).

The differences are very obvious in my eyes and even more obvious in the job role. SharePoint design and branding is the front end UI, branding and layout design. SharePoint architecture design is the logical design of the SharePoint deployment that of which is MOSS, MySites etc.

Do we need to be clearer on this or do we need to educate people in recruitment? I am starting to see a few people on Twitter doing this as well and I think its important to make the differentiation because it doesnt help designers like myself when trying to justify to clients that front end design is as, if not more important and a working system.




3 thoughts on “SharePoint Design vs. SharePoint Design

  1. I think branding is design & branding, architecture is architecture

    Not sure all parts of the world see it that way, but at least for me and few I talk to that is how we refer to things (SharePoint perspective)

    Now, yes, recruiters need to be educated, but from what I know good designers are usually busy by word of mouth

  2. I completely agree with all your points.

    How would you educate Recruiters? I have tried talking to them, but it seems like all they want is to get you off the phone so they can make another phone call. Like I often say ‘send me an email with your details and I will let anyone I know suitable about the SharePoint DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE role your looking to recruit for 😛

    Re: Good designs – Which reminds me of all the work I have to do! 😛

    Thanks for the comments mate

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