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JavaScript Error when Moving WebParts in a CSS and DIV’d up MasterPage

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I spent a lot of time trying to put SharePoint in a nice place where it could flourish without being bullied by other sites that conform to accessibility standards. So you can probably understand my anger when I discovered that my new masterpage and css broke the drag and drop functionality.

When in Edit Mode, you try and drag and drop a WebPart from one WebZone to another it ill throw up a Javascript Error and the functionality wont work. Even though this functionality only works in IE it does present a customer use problem.

At first I used Neil Mosafi’s solution of using his JavaScript fix, at first it worked but I saw it only worked periodically, so the problem still existed.  I searched and I searched and found nothing. I then looked at using the CSS to control the problem which I believe is that the webparts don’t exist now because they are divs and not tables (?)

I’m not a techy so I tend not to delve into the problems as much as they do, I just look at why it doesn’t work and what is the easiest fix.

body {
margin: 5px;
padding: 0;
text-align: center;

I found adding Position:Relative to the body fixes this, I tried doing this on all the WebPart TD tags but it didn’t work and it got tiresome and annoying, I have found that this has worked but SharePoint being SharePoint it doesn’t wondering unexplained things, so time will tell if this has really fixed the problem.

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