Proof of Concept, UI & UX Workshops

PinkPetrol were brought in to assist the initial stages of their new SharePoint intranet build. We ran a range of UI & UX workshop & sessions & delivered a SharePoint 2013 proof of concept.


Boots is a pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with outlets in most high streets, shopping centres & airports.

Boots neededĀ assistance with the planning, branding & design stages of their new SharePoint 2013 intranet. We range a series of workshops & work closely with communications teams to translate feedback into wire frames and then eventually a working proof of concept.


What we did...

Working with Boots' communication team we took their requirements to create something innovative.

Idea & Creative Workshops

We held a series of workshops ranging from discussing ideas to gathering requirements. We facilitated these meetings to make sure we got everything we needed to ensure we could development not only a UI/UX plan but ultimately a fantastic concept.

Focusing on the user experience

We wanted to give the users a rich user experience, this was key to the success of the project. We looked a range of functionality to make this experience the best it can. We used a blend of fantastic design & innovative functionality to give the users what they wanted.

Taking a look at the user interface

Another aspect that was important was the UI & we didnt want the users find the intranet to be too complicated to navigate or too busy and confusing. Our goal is always to create systems that are both engaging and easy to use as possible

Desktop, mobile & tablet wireframes

Instead of trying to combine the functionality/layout and creative/branding aspects of the intranet in one step, the wireframes ensured that the elements are taken in one at a time. This allowed the client to provide feedback earlier in the process

Showcase of functionality

With an emphasis on both innovation & experience, we did a series of show-n-tell workshops where we showcased SharePoint design branding, page layouts, concept design. We then showcase a range of innovative, fresh, new functionality to present content & data.

SharePoint Proof of Concept

After gathering the research we needed & the requirements from the users we created a proof of concept in SharePoint, where we branded & designed a great looking user interface with a innovative & fresh user experience using jQuery & out of the box SharePoint features.



The SharePoint concept we produced opened the eyes to the users & pushed the boundaries of what an intranet can do.

The entire process was challenging but ultimately rewarding, we produced a design that was loved by the stake holders. Not only did it push the boundaries from what is usually seen on a intranet but we created something that was innovative, helpful to users but not at allĀ confusing.

What the client thought...
"Excellent innovative conceptual design work, well done!"
Andy Robins - Lead Project Manager, Alliance Boots

Looking for a company that can brand & design your new SharePoint intranet? We are that company.

Then we would love to talk to you more, learn about what you are doing & then seeing how we could possibly help you deliver.
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