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Squashed SharePoint site when viewing Properties in Edit Mode

I have finally found a fix to a really annoying bug in SharePoint that squishes my site when I have edited a Web Part!

In side the SharePoint master page everything is set to Height:100% – EVERYTHING, even I feel I am set to Height:100% when I have finished looking at the damn code! Removing these can cause all kinds of hidden issues so my rule of thumb is if CSS can bully in line styles then let it go to town them!

The problems crop up when you want to add a custom footer that combined with a small resolution causes this…


As you can see this isn’t very user friendly and looks pretty poor. Well I used my trusty tool set of web apps to find out the cause and hopefully a fix and I feel I have found one. If you use this line of CSS code in your style sheets it will increase the height of the properties pane on the right hand side.

#MSO_tblPageBody {
 height:500px !important;

This is the fix I have found which has worked for me – if anyone knows a better one or an improvement on mine then feel free to share!



2 thoughts on “Squashed SharePoint site when viewing Properties in Edit Mode

  1. Ive been working on a WSS project since March 2010.
    All this time we’ve tolerated the issue you mention here in your article, always thinking it required a hugely complex solution. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine all it needed was a touch of ‘pinkpetrol’.

    Thankyou from the team here in South Africa

  2. I did almost the same, however with the small adjustment of having a small javascript determine the browser window size and making sure the properties would stretch the entire remaining height of the webpage.

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